02 September 2018

Sunday Post #19--The Week Where I Read Nothing

Happy Sunday fellow bloggers and readers. I am back with another Sunday post hosted by the lovely caffeinated book reviewer

Ya'll this past week was a mix of being awful and really inspiring. We had some really difficult things occur in our household, but we've been holding strong to our faith and we have kept it moving. I'm so thankful that my partner is so supportive and keepSus his eyes on the positive. That's the only reason why we've been able to make it. I've been doing well with school. I'm actually ahead of the game instead of behind and it feels great! Work is going well and I'm reading some really good stuff, I just haven't finished anything haha. Oh well, here's to hoping that this week will be different. 

I read, but completely absolutely nothing. It was a rough week. Hoping for more progress and completions this week coming up. 

So these two books aren't necessarily the only books that I'm reading but they are definitely the two books that I'm focusing on. I'm doing a re-read of Firefight so I can finish Calamity before the year is over with and I'm finally getting the opportunity to read Dragonfly In Amber. I've tried to read this book twice and it's not that I didn't or don't like the book, it's just that it's size is so intimidating. 

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How was everyone's week??


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