10 July 2018

Top 10 Tuesday: Favorite Books of 2018 (So Far...)

Happy Tuesday Everyone! That means that today is a day for Top 10 Tuesday hosted by Jana at the Artsy Reader Girl. Today we're supposed to discuss our favorite books of 2018 (so far....), but ya'll I've had a pretty good reading year so far so it's been rather hard trying to choose a favorite 10. I've decided to exclude any books that I have re-read this year. Let's go ahead and get started! 

Children of Blood and Bone. I'm actually cheating with this one. I haven't finished this book as I'm writing this post, but my goodness it's so freaking good I don't know or understand how it couldn't be a favorite. If you haven't picked up this book, pick it up. The hype behind it is well worth it. Ready Player One. I listened to this on audiobook. It wasn't just another science fiction book that I listened to; it was an experience. I absolutely and thoroughly enjoyed it and I cannot wait until I get the opportunity to watch the movie. We're Going to Need More Wine. This is another book that I listened to on audio and learned a lot about Gabrielle Union. I wasn't her biggest fan prior to reading this book, but I have a new appreciation for her and everything that she has been through. It's hilarious listening to it on audio especially since she reads it.

Paper Girls Vol. 1. I shouldn't be surprised that this is a favorite considering I'm a huge fan of Brian K. Vaughn. His work is amazing and of course this comic is just as amazing as his other stuff.  Ghost. I believe that I read this one for my children's literature class and it was phenomenal. If you've never encountered the writing of Jason Reynolds I would recommend picking up one of his works. The best thing about him is that he writes across children and young adult so you have a variety to choose from. Heavy Vinyl. This comic actually has two different names. The trade paperback is called Heavy Vinyl while the single issues have been called Hi-Fi Fight Club. Either way it's brilliant with kick-ass female leads and a great array of diversity. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I can't wait until they come out with the next volume.

Underground Railroad. This book left me speechless. Just read it. Nana Vol. 9. Holy crap this was a thick volume of Nana, but I can understand why. So much happens and we learn so much about our two lead characters. It was heartbreaking and fun at the same time which I didn't even think was possible. If you're looking for a neat shojo manga to pick up and enjoy I would recommend starting this series. Just be warned that the writer never finished it so it stops at vol. 21. Before the Devil Breaks You. This was such a beautiful installment to the series. Libba Bray could not have released this at a better time (it was released around election time). It covered so many different topics and the author's note at the end was so powerful. If you're looking for a paranormal/historical fiction series I would recommend The Diviners. Also, try listening to them on audiobook. The narrator was amazing. 

Dear Martin. Nic Stone was able to write one of the most powerful books of 2018 in about 210 pages. I don't know how she did it, but this is a book to read. I know that a lot of people want to compare this book to The Hate U Give and to be honest it's hard not to, but this book has a message of its own and it's heartbreaking, yet beautiful and is definitely a message that needs to be shared. 


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