12 July 2018

Midnight Sun - Movie Review

Okay guys! So this is my first movie review that I've done in a while, but I'm really excited to be writing it! I've recently watched a ton of movies and I plan on doing reviews for a lot of them so pleasseeeee be patient with me as I work through writing and posting each one of these reviews. : )

Director: Scott Speer 

  • Katherine "Katie" Price: Bella Thorne
  • Charlie Reed: Patrick Schwarzenegger
  • Jack Price: Rob Riggle 
  • Morgan: Quinn Shephard 
  • Dr. Paula Fleming: Suleka Mathew 
  • Garver: Nicholas Coombe 
  • Mark Reed: Ken Tremblett 
  • Barb Reed: Jennifer Griffin 
  • Zoe Carmichael: Tiera Skovbye
  • Owen: Austin Obiajunwa
  • Wes: Alex Pangburn 
  • Blake Jones: Paul McGillion 
Genre: Teen Romance

Rating: PG-13

Brief Plot Analysis: Katie Price has lived her entire life within the confines of her home due to her diagnosis of XP. XP, scientifically known as xeroderma pigmentosum, essentially makes Katie allergic to the sun. Exposure to the sun is known to trigger the disease and ultimately kill the affected
individual. Although she has spent most of her life within the confines of her home, Katie spends time with her best friend Morgan and often goes out at night. It is when she is out one night that she meets her long time crush Charlie Reed. Through their meeting Katie experiences true love, excitement, and adventure; however, she still must face the inevitable affects of her disease. While the plot was an introduction to a new health related disease, I found the plot similar to those of The Fault in Our Stars and A Walk to Remember. Two teenagers fall in love, one gets sick, and they learn the meaning of love and life. It's fascinating that I'm still drawn to movies that kind of repeat the same plot line; however, if you're looking for something new and different I wouldn't recommend going for this movie. There has also been some question of whether XP was accurately depicted in the film, but I have not done more research into the complaints. 

Film Features: There isn't much to say about the film features. I did enjoy the manner in which the film was produced. It seems to have been shot at a marina or somewhere in a bay area. It gave a more relaxed feel to the movie and also gave off some serious Nicholas Sparks vibes. 

Characters: So, because the plot was extremely generic the characters also came off incredibly generic. Katie is a strong young woman who is facing issues related XP, but still manages to remain positive. It was great to see such a strong female lead; however, I eventually did get tired of the beautiful, innocent girl next door vibe that Bella Thorne gave to Katie. In the same respect, she did a great job, but I would have liked to see a little more emotion. Charlie's character was extremely boring. They could have picked any popular trope boy and he would have been perfect for Charlie's character. He just didn't stand out to me. I was hoping that Patrick Schwarzenegger would have given the character a little life, but unfortunately he fell flat. Outside of the two main characters, there really isn't much to address in terms of characters. I did feel connected to Katie at some points; however, for most of the movie they were predictable and boring.

Overall Thoughts: For the most part, I simply thought that this movie was okay. I was expecting something a little different, but by the time the movie was 30 minutes into the plot I figured out exactly what was going to happen to Katie and Charlie. Believe it or not this movie made me cry, but I still could not justify the fact that it felt as though I was watching scenes from The Fault in Our Stars and A Walk to Remember. The only difference between the movies was the location. It's still teenage angst and a heart-breaking ending with a lot of unnecessary filler in between. If that is your type of movie then I would say go for it, but unfortunately I think I've already have had my fill of those types of movies so I can't say that I would recommend it.


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