05 June 2018

My Top 5 Favorite Audiobooks

Happy Tuesday everyone! I wish that I could say that it's almost Friday, BUT we're still in the beginning of the week, but here's to making it a great week! So I decided to do something a little different and give you guys some audiobook recommendations. I'm a huge advocate for audiobooks and these are definitely some of my favorites. Let me know if you have any recommendations!

Audiobook #1: Nooks & Crannies by Jessica Lawson 
Read By: Susie Riddell
Why It's So Good: The narrator is freaking AMAZING. I figured I was going to love the story because of the summary, but the Susie made the story come alive. Her ability to do so many voices makes the story that more entertaining. I know a lot of people are weary of children's books, but I would definitely recommend this book as a gateway into children/middle grade novels. 

Audiobook #2: We're Going to Need More Wine by Gabrielle Union
Read By: Gabrielle Union
Why It's So Good: I won't say that I disliked Gabrielle Union before listening to this audiobook, but I was not her biggest fan. However, this audiobook was breathtaking and I really appreciate Union's honesty and her ability to allow readers into the very personal corners of her life. Hearing everything in her voice made it that much better.
Audiobook #3: Ready Player One by Ernest Cline
Read By: Wil Wheaton
Why It's So Good: I'm not the biggest fan of science fiction; however, Wil makes the characters in this novel come alive and you really feel like you're living in a video game/alternate reality. While the book is still slow in the beginning, I could not stop listening to it after the first 100 pages.

Audiobook #4: Confessions of a Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella
Read By: Emily Gray
Why It's So Good: This audiobook is SOOOO good! I listened to this when I had to make an 8 hour drive to Florida and it had me literally laughing out loud in the car. I'm sure people driving past me thought that I was crazy. It really felt as though the main character, Becky, was telling you about her life in detail. I felt so connected to her as a character.

Audiobook #5: Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling
Read By: Jim Dale
Why It's So Good: I mean who hasn't heard how good Jim Dale is at doing the voices for these audiobooks. I'm currently working my way through all of the books in audio and it's been an amazing and beautiful journey. No explanation is needed for this one.

 Okay everyone! Those are my audiobook choices! If you listen to audiobooks what are some of your favorites???


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