16 January 2018

Top 10 Tuesday: Bookish Resolutions/Goals

Happy Tuesday everyone! That means it is time for another Top 10 Tuesday! Top 10 Tuesday has now been passed from The Broke and the Bookish to The Artsy Reader Girl . This week we're discussing our bookish resolutions and goals; however, since I'm not pressuring myself to complete a certain amount of goals this year I'll be able to relax. As a result my Top 10 Tuesday is actually going to be a Top 5 Tuesday haha. Here are my few and very relaxed goals for 2018.

  • Usually I set my Goodreads goal to be rather high; however, towards the end of last year I realized how stressed I was as a result of setting my goal so high (it was 200 books and yes I did reach it). This year I decided to play a little psychological game with myself and only set it to 25 books. This means that I know that I will definitely reach my goal and I can relax a little instead of stressing about numbers. 

  • This is a challenge/goal that I'm so excited for. I realized how much I loved audiobooks in the past year and it definitely has kept me motivated during some slow days at work. I'm a huge advocate for audiobooks and I plan on listening to at least 10-15 this year although I'm sure it will be more than that. 

  • This is the challenge that I'm probably most excited for. I failed last year, but if you didn't know I've been attempting to read a book from authors from every country in world. The process is slow and I don't expect to accomplish this goal anytime soon; however, it is one that I think is beneficial to myself and to the individuals that follow this blog. 

  • Yes I know this image is from 2017 haha but I couldn't find a more recent picture. I'm participating in the 11th annual graphic novel/manga challenge which is always a great thing fro me since I read so many comics, graphic novels, and manga. I set my goal for 52 again this year, but knowing me that will change rather quickly by the middle of the year. 

  • My last bookish goal/resolution is to keep up with some sort of consistency on this blog. It's hard and life gets in the way, but as I go into my third year of blogging I want to focus on really building my readership and releasing quality information. 
What are your bookish goals/resolutions for 2018? 


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