20 January 2018

BookishRealm Review & Film #4

Happy Saturday everyone! While everyone is enjoying their weekend I'll be at work :( haha, but this week is going to be a little different as I've been watching more movies than TV shows. Enjoy!

Flatliners wasn't one that I was expecting to necessarily enjoy. The trailer was amazing; however, I expected the premise to fall quite flat so when it did I wasn't that surprised. The idea behind the movie was interesting and they really incorporated some great actors and actresses; however, I wouldn't necessarily define it as a much watch. In fact, I waited until my library acquired a copy before I watched it. The plot follows five medical students as they attempt to discover more about the afterlife by shocking themselves into heart-failure then wait about a minute to two minutes until they are revived. Unfortunately, each of the students has encounters with entities as a result of their experiment. The movie was okay and had some interesting aspects so if you have a cheap way of watching the film then attempt to give it a try. It. Okay so technically I have now seen this movie three or four times since it's release. It's so gooooddddd. If you haven't seen it please give it a try. I know most people are turned off because it centers around a clown, but the movie is so much more. Please just give it a try.

Romeo + Juliet. If you didn't know this is one of my favorite Shakespeare plays and when I was in 7th grade I had to watch this movie adaptation in order to understand it better. Ever since that day I've been in love with the movie and have seen it a countless amount of times. I just decided to give it a re-watch this week. I know a lot of people don't like this version because of the director, but I think it's a great modern take on the play and a lot of younger individuals would better be able to understand the play through this adaptation. Unstoppable. Okay, so I was introduced to this movie for the first time this week and while I would have never picked it up myself I thought it was actually really good. It's an older film that focuses on Denzel Washington and Chris Payne working together to stop a speeding train from crashing after it is accidentally set free from the station. This movie was fast paced and fun and I couldn't help but root for our main characters.


9-1-1. This show is freaking awesome. If you've never heard of it check it out! It focuses on the daily ins and outs of a group of fireman and a dispatcher. The TV show is only three episodes in so I can't really give out too much information and that definitely means that you have time to join in and begin watching it. Runaways. I've read some of the comic by Brian K.Vaughan and absolutely loved it so I was extremely excited to see that it was becoming TV show. I'm only one episode in so I can't give you too many details except that it focuses on six teens who find out that their parents are not what they expected them to be. I'm really excited to watch and enjoy the rest of this series.

What have you watched this week?


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