12 November 2017

Sunday Post #11

Happy Sunday fellow bloggers and readers. I am back with another Sunday post hosted by the lovely caffeinated book reviewer

Okay let's start with my week in a complete recap. Things are going great at work. We're actually getting some new members this week so I'm excited to meet them. School is pretty intense because we only have three weeks left; however, for the most part I've been doing well. I have an A in all my classes which means a lot because I'm working full time and attending grad school full time. I'm ready for Thanksgiving break. I should be going to Georgia with my family so that will be really fun. Other than that I can't complain. I went to YallFest this weekend and I really enjoyed myself and was able to get some really great ARCs like the Cruel Prince by Holly Black. I'll probably do a separate post and video for that! 

Brave Chef Brianna #1 (4 stars) was a comic book issue that I read randomly and actually ended up enjoying. It follows a girl by the name of Brianna who comes from a family of chefs. Her father challenges her and her brothers to come up with restaurant plans and the one who establishes the best restaurant will get a reward. Brianna decides to travel to Monster city to establish her restaurant. It was colorful and creative. Brave Chef Brianna #2 (4 stars). This issue picks up where the last one left off and it was just as amazing. Beauty Vol. 3 (3 stars) back tracked from the last volume. It goes back and shows us how the detectives in the first volume managed to become partners. I liked it and I think it definitely shows the social implications of having the beauty; however, some parts of it were excessive and didn't really need to appear in the comic at all.

Fables Deluxe Edition #2 (4 stars) was AMAZING. I never thought that I would find such an amazing comic, but I have. If you didn't know was my second time reading this comic. I'm currently trying to make my way through all of the issues/volumes that I read last year so I can finish the series by early next year. Fables Deluxe Edition #3 (5 stars) was great. It's the part where we are introduced to the creations of the adversary and the point at which Fabletown goes to war. If you haven't read this series you should definitely check it out. Giant Days Vol. 6 (5 stars). If you know anything about me then you know that this series has been extremely rewarding for me this year. I absolutely loved it and really enjoyed everything about it. I won't say too much about it because it is the 6th volume, but you must read it.
Fables Vol. 5 (4 stars) was just as good as the other volumes I read this week. This is the point where we see Snow White with her baby cubs and also the time in which we see Prince Charming, Beauty, and the Beast attempt to run Fabletown. I'm really excited to pick up the next volume.

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