06 November 2017

Nooks & Crannies by Jessica Lawson : Audiobook Review

Happy Monday Everyone! This is my first audiobook review and I'm so excited that it's finally happening considering that I listen to audiobooks ALL the time! This book is a South Carolina Book Award Nominee which I try to make it through every year and fail miserably haha! Enjoy!

Publication: June 2nd, 2015
# of Pages: 320 
Source: Library Copy 

Tabitha Crum is a girl with a big imagination and a love for mystery novels, though her parents think her only talent is being a nuisance. She doesn't have a friend in the world, except her pet mouse, Pemberley, with whom she shares her dingy attic bedroom.

Then, on the heels of a rather devastating announcement made by her mother and father, Tabitha receives a mysterious invitation to the country estate of the wealthy but reclusive Countess of Windermere, whose mansion is rumored to be haunted. There, she finds herself among five other children, none of them sure why they've been summoned. But soon, a very big secret will be revealed— a secret that will change their lives forever and put Tabitha’s investigative skills to the test.

I originally picked this book up not only because it was South Carolina Book Award Nominee, but also because it has this amazing cover (as most children's books do). It turned out that I was also rewarded with a very interesting story. The novel begins with the introduction of Tabitha Crum and her parents who are completely disinterested in the well-being of their daughter. From there she receives a mysterious letter of a woman who is determined to find the true identity of her grandchildren. 

The one that made this book extremely interesting was the fact that I listened to it on audiobook. It was narrated by Susan Riddell who made the book hilarious and engaging. Her accents for each character were perfect and it definitely gave the characters depth and personality. I was fully engaged and couldn't stop listening to the book because she did such an amazing job. It actually made me want to find more books that she's narrated. I recently found out that there is a sequel to this book so I'm looking forward to prospect of her narrating this one as well. 

I won't go too much into the plot of the book because I could spoil it, but it was fast-paced and intriguing. I thought that the book was headed in one direction only to find that it was going in another. The conclusion was perfect and I really enjoyed learning about each of the children that were invited to this mansion. This book definitely made me realize why I love children's books so much and really made me appreciate the difference that they have from adult and young adult novels.

What I can say about this book is that the characters are funny, likeable (well most), and just all around awesome. I definitely related to Tabitha in a host of different ways and I'm glad I got the opportunity to meet her as a character. She was awesome and her detective skills were completely and absolutely mind-blowing. 

If you haven't read this book then I definitely recommend it! Even if you're not a huge fan of children's lit this is definitely the one book you need to check out. 


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