13 November 2017

Mini Comic Book Review: Gotham Academy Second Semester Vol. 1

   Series: Gotham Academy Second Semester
   # of Pages: 144 
   Publication: July 2017 
   Source: Library Copy 

When you're Gotham Academy student Olive Silverlock, winter holidays can be a drag. Luckily, when a new student shows up at Gotham Academy to keep her company while the other students are away, Olive finds what could be a brand new friend...or a whole lot of trouble. And when Maps, Kyle, Colton, Pomeline and the rest of the students of Gotham's #1 prep school return for a new semester, the adventures are twice as mysterious and twice as dangerous!

I should start by saying that it was great to be back in the world of Gotham Academy. I was hesitant in reading this volume because the third volume of the last story arc was such a mess. The story was jumbled and the artwork did not flow. I was truly disappointed as I loved the first couple of volumes. This volume definitely got the story back on track and I feel the artwork was on a different and more complete level. I really enjoyed every single aspect of this installment. The ending itself was a cliff-hanger which ultimately made me anxious for the next volume. This introduction of a new story offered great insight to Olive's line of heritage. With that being said, if you haven't read Gotham Academy I would definitely recommend it. It has a spooky atmosphere and gives the reader an interesting insight to another part of the DC world of characters. If you're interested in where to start/begin with this series I will list the order of the series below. Overall this was a great journey into the world of Olive and her friends. I can't wait to see what the next volume has to offer as I have heard it is the last in the series. 

Books in the Series (They are in reading order)


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