24 August 2017

Bookishrealm Discussion: Blog/Youtube Hiatus: I'm Back !

Okay so if you haven't noticed which I'm sure you have I've pretty much have been absent this whole month. Did I intentionally do this at first? NOPE! Haha. But after a while of not blogging and not posting YouTube videos my hiatus then become intentional. I've never been the type to take a break from my world of books like this; however, I've had a lot happen in the past few weeks (all good things) and I actually needed some time away to process and get my life more organized than it has been in a couple of months. So while I won't go into the specifics of why I took this break, I will discuss some of the benefits that come with taking a brief hiatus from working on a blog or Youtube channel. With that being said I would encourage anyone and everyone to take a break when it's needed. I know a lot of times we expect a lot of each other; however, we're all still human and sometimes we just need some time away.

Here are some benefits I gained from taking a break:

  • I was able to get my personal life in order. I'm a full time graduate student this semester and I needed time to adjust to doing that while working full time. 
  • Planning became my best friend. I know that every blogger had their own way of planning out what posts were going to occur for the week or even month in advance; however, I become even more organized than usual. I got a planner and notebook to pinpoint what needed to be completed for school, my personal life, and my blogging life every couple of days.
  • I caught up on TV shows/movies. This may not seem like a big deal; however, I hadn't been watching a lot of TV because I became too absorbed with reading, blogging, and making videos. Hey, everybody needs some sense of balance. 
  • Sleep. Yes, yes, yes! I actually got some rest and was able to relax.
  • Blogging/Video Future: With this time off I was also able to pinpoint what I wanted to do in terms of the future of this blog and the future of my YouTube channel and surprisingly I feel like I have some good things coming in the near future. 
So what I would like to know from you all is if you've ever had to take a break and if you had how long was your break? Did you see any benefits of taking a break? Let me know in the comments below. And I'm definitely happy to be back! : ) 


  1. As a blogger I also understand that how difficult it is to get time for blog and personal matters as well. Well its good to see you back and hopefully this time will be better.