03 July 2017

June Challenge Check-In

So the Netflix & Book Challenge is hosted by Novel Ink and Bookmark It and in order to track my progress for this challenge they actually have a point system. 

Here are the shows & books I have completed as I am writing this post: 

None - haha I actually have been more focused on reading than actually watching TV shows so I'll have to make up for this in the coming months.

So this month (June) I earned 0 points for a yearly total of 675 points. 

This is a challenge that I'm actually doing okay with. I'm not reading anything in order haha, but I have read 6 out of 12 challenges for the year!

Pop Sugar Challenge

The Pop Sugar Challenge is probably the most difficult challenge I'll be participating in this year. There are a lot of different categories and quite a few of them are outside of my comfort zone. I've completed a handful of things since last month and I'm really excited about the fact that I seem to be picking up on reading what I should be to finish this challenge by the end of the year. 

Total for Jan -June:  13

I actually finished this challenge!! I figured I would because I love comics and manga! Here's what I read since I last updated in May: 

Total Jan-June: 53

Once again I didn't read anything for this challenge. Yea I just wasn't in the picture reading mood; therefore, it didn't happen. Hopefully I start reading them again in the next coming months. 

Okay guys so I did better this month with challenges. I still need to pick up the speed a little bit, but overall I'm doing ok! What challenges are you guys trying to finish before the year is over? 


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