20 July 2017

Children's Corner: Frozen Movie Review

Hey guys! It's been a while since I've done a movie review so it's definitely about that time! I'm so excited that I've created the children's corner on my blog to feature children related book reviews, movie reviews, and tips & advice. If you're interested be sure to check out the other reviews!

Today I'll be doing a review on the movie Frozen. I know that it's old; however, I watched it again for the first time in a couple of years and I was really excited to actually write a review about it. Soooo let's get started!!!

Director: Chris Buck & Jennifer Lee

  • Anna: Kristen Bell 
  • Elsa: Indina Menzel 
  • Kristoff: Jonathon Groff
  • Olaf: Josh Gad
  • Hans: Santino Fontana
  • Duke of Weselton: Alan Tudyk
  • Grand Pabbie, the Troll King: Ciaran Hinds
  • King of Arendelle: Maurice LaMarche 
  • Queen of Arendelle: Jennifer Lee 
Genre: Animated Musical/Fantasy 

Rating: PG 

Brief Plot Analysis: Frozen, a Disney animated film, takes it's origins from the Hans Christian

Anderson tale The Snow Queen. Nevertheless, this adaptation focuses on the connection and love between two sisters. When Elsa accidentally inflicts a town wide snow storm, it's up to her sister Anna and her newly found friends Olaf and Kristoff to find Elsa and change the pattern of the weather. 

Film Features: The artwork of the film is beautiful. The viewer can tell that the studio animators made great advancements with this film including the addition of special effects. Even the simplicity of the characters dancing seems to be technologically advanced. Another amazing visual aspect of the film came in the form of their color usage. I loved that the film contained this bright and amazing colors. They really appeal to the viewers eyes. In addition to the visual aspects, it would be best to also address the music. I absolutely loved the intro song. I don't know the origin of the music that they based this soundtrack on, but it is breathtaking. My favorites are definitely "Do You Want To Build a A Snowman" and "In Summer." Surprisingly, unlike a lot of people I could have done without "Let It Go."

Characters: The writers and director definitely wanted to created a complex dichotomy of the sisters. Viewers get the opportunity to view two select personalities and how the work together and clash against each other. Anna is extremely laid back and relaxed while Elsa is more intense which clearly stems from her constantly being told to "conceal it, don't feel it."Ironically, while watching the film I felt as though this movie was more about Anna's transformation and growth than Elsa. She does so much in learning about herself as well as doing what is necessary to save her sister. This was my second time watching the film and it took this second viewing to truly understand and grasp that concept. Outside of the two sisters, the best written character definitely does take form in Olaf. He's hilarious and witty and adds a certain sense of humor that the film needed.

Overall Thoughts: Overall I thought that the film was great. It isn't my favorite Disney movie; however, I think that it was well done with great music. It did have some romantic aspects, but this film definitely did focus on the relationship between the two sisters more than anything else. There was only one thing that I didn't enjoy about the film and that was a quote that was stated during the troll's song. One of them states that people can't change; however, I find that to be completely inaccurate. It even was proven to be inaccurate in the context of the film. Maybe that was the intention of the writers; however, I just know that I found it to be slightly problematic. Nevertheless, I really enjoyed the film and definitely recommend it for families!


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