18 June 2017

Sunday Post #6

Happy Sunday fellow bloggers and readers. I am back with another Sunday post hosted by the lovely caffeinated book reviewer. I wish I was more consistent with these posts, alas, I am not haha. 

Okay let's start with my week in a complete recap. It's been a crazyyyyy week. I work for the library and we just opened up our new building with a whole lot of new materials so that means a whole lot customers. We have been extremely busy and I'm surprised I've been able to even read half the stuff I've been able to. 

Books Finished this Week: 

I actually got a lot read this week. Part of it was because I was taking part in a comic book/graphic novel readathon. I'll list my ratings of the books below as well as a link to my Goodreads review.

  • DC Rebirth Omnibus (3 Stars) - Review 
  • Titans Rebirth Vol. 1 (3 Stars) - Review 
  • Sweetness & Lightning Vol. 2 (3 Stars) - Review 
  • Giant Days Vol. 3 (4 Stars) - Review 
  • Fangirl (4 Stars) - Review 
  • Amina's Voice (4 Stars) - Review 

  • Book Review: DC Rebirth Omnibus 
  • Top 10 Tuesday 
  • Can't Wait Wednesday 
  • Riverdale Season #1 Review 
  • Friday #56 
  • Book Review: TBD  

I'm reading some good stuff this week. I've been devouring the Giant Days series and it has been an amazing journey. If you haven't read it yet I would definitely recommend checking it out. Everything, Everything is a book that I'm reading because of the movie buzz. I'm enjoying it so far. I don't know how I'll feel about towards the end, but right now it's ok. Dreadnought is one that I just started today, but I'm really excited about ti simply because of the premise and the fact that the main character is transgender. 

Alright guys that's it for this week. Keep reading throughout the week to see what I have in store. 


  1. Everything Everything was such a sweet read. I listened to it on audio last year and enjoyed it even more than I thought I would, since I had just picked it up on a whim. The movie was cute, the casting wonderful, but I didn't feel like it quite captured the charm of the book. Hope you'll enjoy it overall.

    1. Thanks love! I'll have to do a review whenever I finish it.