10 June 2017

May Challenge Check-In

Hey Guys! It's about that time again and I'm here to do my challenge check-in/wrap up for the month. Keep reading to see how I've been doing with my challenges!

#NetflixsandBook Challenge

So the Netflix & Book Challenge is hosted by Novel Ink and Bookmark It and in order to track my progress for this challenge they actually have a point system. Ok so this month I didn't do much watching or reading to be honest. I was on vacation for over a week and then work has been extremely crazy. Hopefully going into May I can do a whole lot better.  

Here are the shows & books I have completed as I am writing this post: 

  • Grey's Anatomy Seasons 4, 5, and 6 - 60 points
  • Tudor Season 4 - 20 points
  • Riverdale Season 1 - 10 points 
  • Switched at Birth Season 5 - 20 points 
  • Bonus: 50 points for finishing The Tudors 

So this month (May) I earned 160 points for a yearly total of 675 points. 

This once again is a challenge that I'm doing really well with. I didn't read Amina's Voice as planned, but I have completed five out of the 12 challenges which keeps me right on track. 
Total: 5/12

Pop Sugar Challenge

The Pop Sugar Challenge is probably the most difficult challenge I'll be participating in this year. There are a lot of different categories and quite a few of them are outside of my comfort zone. I haven't completed any books for this challenge this month which is pretty much the same as last month. If I want to finish my the end of the year I definitely need to pick it up on this challenge this month. I know I said the same thing last month, but I think I need to be serious about his one. 

Total for Jan -May:  8/63

This is probably the challenge that I will easily finish before the end of July. I went for 52 books, but I think that was a little to easy for me. Keep reading to see what I have accomplished. 

  • Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur Vol. 2
  • The Vision Vol. 1
  • Archie V. Predator 
  • Revival Vol. 2
  • Oddly Normal Vol. 1
  • Bitch Planet Vol. 1
  • Chew Vol. 7 
  • Goldie Vance Vol. 1
  • Roller Girl 
  • Archie Vol. 2
  • Giant Days Vol. 2
  • Archie Vol. 3
Total Jan-May: 43

Once again I didn't read anything for this challenge. Yea I just wasn't in the picture reading mood; therefore, it didn't happen. I'm hoping that once things calm down at work I'll be able to get back into reading more of these. 

Okay guys so once again this wasn't my month for challenges haha. I have to do better in the upcoming months if I want to make any dents or complete anything by the end of the year. Let me know what challenges you're participating in and how they're going. 


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