07 May 2017

Sunday Post #5

Happy Sunday fellow bloggers and readers. I am back with another Sunday post hosted by the lovely caffeinated book reviewer. I wish I was more consistent with these posts, alas, I am not haha. 

Okay let's start with my week in a complete recap. It's been a crazyyyyy week. My job is getting more and more intense. Not that I don't enjoy it but it does take a lot of my attention and time. I haven't been doing a lot of reading, but I am keeping up with my blog and Youtube channel. I also just got into grad school sooo I'm sure that's going to be taking a lot of my time as well. Hopefully I can make every thing work. 

I actually haven't bought any books this week. I have a bunch checked out from the library so I may do a separate post detailing exactly what I have currently have checked out. If you're interested let me know in the comment box below. 

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So I'm currently working on quite a few things; however, these are the three that I'm really focusing on. I'm listening to City of Lost Souls on audio and I'm reading Addicted After All in e-book format. Twilight is a re-read. I plan on reading this series this year. 

Okay guys that's it! Let me know what you've been reading and writing about this week. 


  1. Oh I loved the Mortal Instruments series! So good!

  2. I really enjoyed TMI series. I know some people felt it should have ended after book 3 but I enjoyed the full series. So many great characters and crazy story lines! And you know my love of the Addicted series. :) I was devastated to finish the series last year. But the spin-off series is coming so I'm super excited for that!