18 April 2017

Top 10 Tuesday: Top 10 Things That Instantly Make Me Want to Read A Book

Happy Tuesday everyone! Today is the second day of the week so that means I am back with another Top 10 Tuesday hosted by the ladies over at The Broke and The Bookish. This was definitely a difficult topic for me not in the sense that I couldn't answer it, but it was really difficult focusing in on specific elements. Nevertheless, I somehow managed to come up with 10 : ) so without further ado keep reading to find out what 10 elements instantly make me want to read a book.

1. #OwnVoices: I'm a sucker for this movement. I've definitely been trying to push myself to focus on more books that are #ownvoices and so far I've been doing a great job of it. There's something about reading characters written by authors who have experienced the same thing.

2. Beautiful Cover: Oh boy haha I mean who doesn't want to instantly read a book with a beautiful cover. I truly believe that publishing companies are learning how to market these books in a way that captures the human eye.
Beautiful Cover

3. Historical Fiction: As a history major in college, this element defines my interest as a person. I absolutely love historical fiction as well as those      books that have a historical setting.

Historical Fiction
4. Great Female Lead: There are some great books out there with great female characters; however, I love reading books that have KICK BUTT female as the lead. As soon as I read that I am destined to pick the book up and read it as soon as possible.

5. International Authors: I love reading out of my comfort zone and that definitely means reading a lot of translated works or works from authors that are not from the United States.

Comic Book
6. Comic Book/Manga: If it's a comic book or manga I'm probably destined to read it at some point in my life. I just love the ease and simplicity associated with each genre.

7. Award Winners: I included this element not because I think award winning books are superior to other books, but because award winning books have a tendency to spark my curiosity. They are liked and well awarded for some reason and most of the time I want to know why.

8. Mythology: Have I ever told you guys how much I love mythology. If you didn't know, just check out how many books I've read by Rick Riordan : )

9. Re-Tellings: I love re-tellings. Like really love them and it took me a while to discover my fondness for them; however, I am glad that I did. So no if you tell me that a book is re-telling I more than likely will read it.

Pop Culture 
10. Books That Incorporate Pop Culture: There are a few of these out in the world and I need to get my hands on them all. I love being able to read a book and identify tid bits of pop culture in them!


  1. I have so much agreement with so many of your choices! I am definitely drawn to #ownvoices books, as well as historical fiction and mythology! International authors are also so much fun to explore, they always seem to bring something new to the table. Great picks!