17 April 2017

Sailor Moon Season #1 Review

Season 1 

Director: Kunihiko Ikuhara

  • Usagi: Tracy Moore & Terri Hawkes
  • Sailor Mercury: Karen Bernstein 
  • Sailor Mars: Katie Griffin
  • Sailor Jupiter: Susan Roman 
  • Sailor Venus: Stephanie Morgenstern 
  • Tuxedo Mask: Rino Romano & Toby Proctor 
  • Queen Beryl: Naz Edwards 
  • Jadeite: Toby Daniel
  • Zoisite: Kirsten Bishopric
  • Kunzite: Dennis Akayama 
Genre: Anime 

Rating: N/A

Brief Plot Analysis: Sailor Moon is an early 90's anime that is focused on several girls who become responsible for finding the moon princess and protecting her from the evils of the dark kingdom. Each young girl holds a name starting with "sailor" and then is aligned with a specific planet. Along their journey of being "awakened" (the girls don't know that they are sailor guardians) they obtain special powers that assist them in fighting these monsters. Each girl has a distinct personality that overall blends together to make the team. The anime, like the manga, opens up with Usagi meeting Luna, a talking cat that is responsible for guiding Usagi into her powers as Sailor Moon. It's full of girl power crime fighting action.

Film Features: There isn't much to really discuss in the section about the film features or the features of every episode; however, I will say that I am impressed with the graphics considering that this show was originally developed in the early 90s. I just love that feel of watching an "old school" cartoon. It takes me back to my childhood. One of my most favorite aspects of the film probably falls along the line of the theme song. Sailor Moon probably has one of the most catchy theme songs I've ever heard before. If you don't believe me check out the video to the song below.

Characters: Sailor Moon definitely has a wide variety of characters. One of my favorites is probably Sailor Mercury who is quiet, but super intelligent and kind. When it comes to conflict she always seems to be the most calm. I don't believe I necessarily have a least favorite character; however, Usagi really got on my nerves when she constantly cried like a baby. She was clearly less mature then the rest of the girls, but she assumed the role as leader (non spoiler). It was tough watching her, but I'm convinced that her character is going to really develop during the future seasons. What is most intriguing is that you don't meet all of the Sailor guardians in season one. You only meet five of them. I'll be sure to include a picture and name associated with each character. Surprisingly, these girls really balance each other out. You would think that it wouldn't be that way because it's five females fighting crime and monsters; however, the do get along rather well and I think it's because their personalities vary so widely. If you are looking for that in characters then I would definitely recommend this anime.

Sailor Mercury 
Sailor Mars
Sailor Venus

Sailor Moon 
Sailor Jupiter

Overall Thoughts: Overall I thought that this season was amazing. After all is was my reintroduction to the show which I watched when I was younger. I'm also currently reading the manga so it's great to read the manga and see certain elements incorporated into the anime. The only thing I would warn anyone about is the fact that the seasons of this anime are extremely long and when I say long I mean each season is 40+ episodes. But with that being stated, I can also say that each episode is so action packed that they go by extremely quickly. They also contains so many different elements and themes that you don't really feel like you're watching the same episode over and over. I definitely recommend this show and if you have seen it I would pick it up as soon as possible. 


  1. Oh my gosh you are making me flashback to my childhood! I LOVED Sailor Moon (the anime and the manga!) when I was a kid. Both my sister and I were obsessed. As a kid I'm pretty sure Sailor Venus was my favorite. This makes me want to watch and read the anime and manga all over again. Great review!!

    Ready, Set, Read!

    1. I've been re-watching the anime and loving it! It's such a great classic!! :)