30 March 2017

March Challenge Check-In

Hey Guys! It's about that time again and I'm here to do my challenge check-in/wrap up for the month. Keep reading to see how I've been doing with my challenges!

#NetflixsandBook Challenge

So the Netflix & Book Challenge is hosted by Novel Ink and Bookmark It and in order to track my progress for this challenge they actually have a point system. Ok so this month I didn't do much watching or reading to be honest. I was in a reading slump for the first half of the month and then was reading other stuff for the rest of the month. So I know I didn't acquire that many points. Let's hope it's better next month. 

Here are the shows & books I have completed as I am writing this post: 

  • Grey's Anatomy Season 1 - 20 points 
  • Grey's Anatomy Season 2 - 20 points
  • Reign Season 1 - 20 points
  • Sailor Moon Vol. 1 - 20 points
So this month (March) I earned 80 points for a yearly total of 400 points. 

This once again is a challenge that I'm doing really well with. I read Wonder to complete the challenge of reading a book with a main character that has a disability. I thought it was an okay book and probably will discuss more of it in a later review. 
Total: 3/12

Pop Sugar Challenge

The Pop Sugar Challenge is probably the most difficult challenge I'll be participating in this year. There are a lot of different categories and quite a few of them are outside of my comfort zone. Here are the books I completed for the challenge this month: 

Each will have a goodreads review. If I wrote a full-length review on my blog it will state so by the title of the book. 
  • A Book Published in 2017: The Hate U Give
  • (Maybe) A Book Involving a Mythical Creature: City of Fallen Angels
Total for Jan -March:  8(?)/63

This is probably the challenge that I will easily finish before we even get halfway through 2017. I went for 52 books, but I think that was a little to easy for me. Keep reading to see what I have accomplished. 
Total for Jan. & Feb. = 24

I actually didn't complete any parts of this challenge this month for the simple fact that I just wasn't in the mood to read any picture books. Unfortunately, that puts me a little behind but I'm sure I can just pick back up next month. 

So this month wasn't a good month in terms of my challenges unless you count the manga/comic book section haha and I'm pretty sure that's because I was in a reading slump. Hopefully that will change in April. 


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