23 March 2017

Beauty & The Beast Tag

So I'm so excited about this tag for the simple fact that the movie has finally come out and I plan on seeing it this weekend. This tag originated on the blog Du Livre! Definitely go check it out. I wasn't tagged by anyone, but I thought that this would be a fun tag to do.

A Villain You Can't Help But Love
Draco Malfoy is a complete brat, but for some reason  I still completely love him as a character in this book. He goes through so much and ends up making a complete 180.

Your OTP 
Nana K and Nobu are like my dream couple from this manga, but I just have this sick little feeling that it's not going to work out :( 

A Character That's Destined for Bigger Things
August is an amazing character and I truly believe that he will have a lot more going for him past his success at his 5th grade graduation.

A Book That Makes You Hungry 
I don't know anybody who doesn't think that this manga makes them hungry.

Opposites Attract 
Okay, Evie and Sam are complete opposites, but in this book they are DEFINITELY attracted to each other haha.

I don't have anyone in particular to tag so just go ahead and have at it! haha It's a great tag! Especially if you are a fan of Beauty and the Beast. 


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