12 February 2017

Sherlock Holmes and The Speckled Band by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Published: 1892
Series: The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes 

I read this Sherlock Holmes short story as a part of the Chronological Sherlock Holmes Reading Challenge that's being hosted by Noonlight Reads. This is the 3rd short story that we've been designated to read. 

This was one of the best short stories I've read so far in this readathon. It was full of twists and turns that I definitely didn't see coming. This was the Sherlock Holmes mystery I had been waiting for. I got so used to reading memoirs told from Watson's perspective that I almost forgot what it would be like to experience actually being immersed in the mystery step by step. I had so many theories about who was the culprit behind the murder and ended up being wrong in more than one way. This was so well-written and it truly captivated my attention the entire time I read it. 

I definitely believe that this is the example of the Sherlock stories that I'm used to. It's always fun to watch the case unravel and attempt to figure out who has committed the crime. As of right now, this one holds the top spot in the Sherlock Holmes stories I have read so I'm looking forward to seeing what Sherlock story might take its place.


  1. I love Sherlock Holmes! I read all the stories a few years ago (it's so much though! Over 1500 pages in total). I'm happy you enjoyed this story!

    1. It definitely is a lot, but I'm looking forward to reading them! : )

  2. I enjoyed this one too, especially the ending