09 February 2017

Movie Review - Bridget Jones's Baby

Happy Thursday everyone! I'm back with a movie review! : ) I hope everyone is enjoying their week. So today I'll be focusing on the movie Bridget Jones's Baby. It's the third movie in the Bridget Jones's series and I must say that this was rather interesting. 

Director: Sharon Maguire

  • Renee Zellweger: Bridget Jones
  • Colin Firth: Mark Darcy 
  • Patrick Dempsey: Jack Qwant
  • Sally Phillips: Sharon 
  • James Callis: Tom
  • Shirley Henderson: Jude
  • Sarah Solemani: Miranda 
  • Neil Pearson: Richard 
Genre: Comedy/Drama

Rating: R

Brief Plot Analysis: Bridget Jones's Baby is the third installment in the Bridget Jones's film series based on the novels of the same name. In this adaptation, Bridget Jones is once again attempting to pull her life together as a single woman focused on advancing her career. However, in the middle of all of this, Bridget finds herself pregnant and unable to determine who the father of the baby is. She has two different options: Mark Darcy or a new American man she met by the name of Jack.

Film Features: The once aspect of the film that truly stood out to me was the music. I usually do not pay attention to the music in the background of the film unless it draws in my attention; however, whoever was responsible for this soundtrack did an amazing job. I found myself singing along to the chosen songs and I also found that they fit perfectly with what was currently going on
in the film. There isn't much to discuss in reference to the setting. For the most part, it gave me the feeling of a typical Bridget Jones movie. I loved that I did get this feeling of nostalgia though. I've grown up watching the first two movies (at an appropriate age of course) and it was nice to be back in this world again after so many years.

Characters: I loved that for the most part the characters kept their same style, ambitions, personality, etc. However, the character of Jack didn't do much for me. I like Patrick Dempsey as
an actor and I pretty much enjoy the majority of the stuff that he is featured in; however, in this movie he just seemed really awkward. I would have rather just enjoyed seeing Bridget get pregnant for the first time with Mr. Darcy then the awkward drama. As usual, I'm pretty sure that Mr. Darcy stands out as my favorite character. He loves Bridget, but he loves her in a way that gives her space and allows her to figure who she is as a person.

Overall Thoughts: Overall, I thought that the movie was just okay. It didn't live up up to the hype like I thought it would. As I stated earlier, I would have much rather preferred just seeing Bridget go through the trials and tribulations of her first pregnancy than having to suffer through watching Dempsey play this third wheel addition to the cast. He's a great actor; however, this movie could have taken a more interesting story line. The music was AMAZING, and I definitely want to check out the soundtrack. If I had to rate the Bridget Jones movies in order of whether I enjoyed them or not, this one would definitely come in last. 


  1. I read the first Bridget Jones book back in the 90's and really loved the first movie. Didn't love the second one quite as much but it was still fun. I kept meaning to see this one when it came out but just never made it. It sounds like the character of Jack really wasn't needed. They still could have had the crazy Bridget pregnancy hi-jinks without the who's-the-daddy mess. Still, I love Colin Firth and I love his character in the movies. I'll probably pass on this one, though. Enjoyed reading your thoughts on it! :)

    1. Exactly I definitely would have loved just see her go through the craziness of being pregnant without Jack being added in. Thanks for stopping by!!