28 February 2017

A Month in Review: February 2017

Happy Tuesday everbody! I can't believe that the month of February has already come to a close! It seems like it was just the beginning of February yesterday. I hope everyone had a good reading month. I posted a little less this month because I had so much going on, but hopefully it'll pick back up next month! : ) 

Keep reading to see what I've written this month, what I've read, and some statistics! : ) 

These were definitely some of my favorites from this month. Below is a complete list of what I read in the month of February. 

  • Aya: Love in Yop City 
  • March Vol. 1
  • Copper Sun 
  • Z is For Moose
  • Sweetness & Lightning Vol. 1
  • The Mothers
  • Return to Wonderland (#0-6)
  • Food Wars Vol. 15
  • Lady Killer Vol. 1
  • Lair of Dreams 
  • One Crazy Summer
  • I Hate Fairyland Vol. 1
  • The Water Princess 
  • Dirt + Water = Mud
  • I Wanna Be A Great Big Dinosaur
  • The Summer Nickd Taught His Cats to Rea
  • I Am Josephine

Okay so as you guys can see I was rather disappointed with my choices in references to the origins of authors. I'm still reading mostly from American authors which isn't a bad thing, but it's something that I really want to change. This month seemed to be the month for comics and manga. I don't know why I read so many of them, but I just really seemed to enjoy almost everything I picked up. As far as star ratings go, I mostly gave 4 stars to books with 5 star reads and 3 star reads beings tied. There was a random 2 star read because of a comic book I didn't really enjoy. 

This month I read a total of 3134 pages which is about 500/600 pages less than January, but that's ok! I still read quite a bit and I'm happy about that! : ) 

Here are the posts that I wrote this month: 

Let me know what you read this month!