12 January 2017

The Hills: Season One - TV Show Review

Season One

  • Lauren Conrad 
  • Heidi Montag
  • Audrina Patridge 
  • Whitney Port 

I'm pretty sure that at some point everyone has heard of The Hills, a reality show that focused around the life of Lauren Conrad after she decided to leave Laguna Beach and move to L.A. The first season of the show focused on four main characters Lauren, Audrina, Heidi, and Whitney as they navigate through the first few months in a new city. It contained ten episodes and aired from May until August of 2006. The girls all encounter their first jobs, relationships, new friendships, and heartbreak in this first season. 

The first season of The Hills was, in my opinion, a pretty decent look at the lives of each of the four girls. The viewer is introduced to Lauren (for the second time if you watched Laguna Beach) and her best friend and new roommate Heidi. Through the two of them we are taken on a journey of what it's like to be 19 and living in Los Angeles, California. I've decided to do this review in a bullet format so you'll get the opportunity to see exactly what I liked about the first season and exactly what I disliked about the first season. So let's go ahead and get started.

  • I enjoyed the relationship between Heidi and Lauren in the beginning. I know exactly where
    their relationship goes because I've seen most episodes of The Hills; however, I really do enjoy seeing them as friends. 
  • The relationship between Lauren and Whitney is great! I just generally love Whitney as a person and I'm glad that she and Lauren met and became friends through their internship at Teen Vogue. 
  • I love that the show's initial premise is about each character find themselves. They seem to be young teenagers trying to figure it all out. 
  • Lauren and school seem to be great. I love that she's motivated about her academics which is great for younger individuals that are watching. 

Unfortunately after going back and watching this season for the 3rd time I noticed that there were more things that I disliked than liked in this season of the show. 

  • Heidi's attempt to use Lauren to get into the Young Hollywood party. I absolutely hated the fact that Heidi thought it was ok to put Lauren's internship at jeopardy simply because she wanted to attend a party. 
  • I don't like the fact that producers seem to make Audrina seem really ditsy when she really was not. 
  • The relationship between both Heidi and Jordan and Lauren and Jason really bothered me. It was clear that both relationships were not healthy by any means necessary. They were in a lot of ways out of control and should have been ended sooner than later. It was also unfortunate to watch Lauren make the decision that she made at the end. I know she was young, but opportunities like that only come once in a lifetime. 
  • Heidi is incredibly lazy! I promise you that the girl didn't want to do anything unless it involved partying or going out. It was ridiculous and unrealistic. 
  • I like Lauren, but in some cases she definitely had a superiority complex about who she was compared to other people. 
  • Some parts of the segments seemed really staged. I know it's not really "reality" TV, but it was clear in some parts the producers edited scenes to fit the context of the story line.
Overall I definitely can understand why I enjoyed the Hills so much when I was younger. It is filled with nothing but drama and definitely makes you feel like you're watching the ups and downs of someone else's life; however, now that I'm older I can really tell how superficial it is and that in some ways the girls were not grateful for the opportunities they received. Because I am using this series as a part of one of my challenges I'm going to continue with the next 5 seasons since they are easy/quick to watch. 



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