08 January 2017

The Adventure of the Gloria Scott by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Publication: 1893
Series: The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes

I read this Sherlock Holmes short story as a part of the Chronological Sherlock Holmes Reading Challenge that's being hosted by Noonlight Reads. This is the first story we designated to read this week so it will be the first Sherlock story that I review. 

The Gloria Scott is often classified as a short story that fits within the realms of the Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes. This story signifies the start of Holmes' ability to be extremely observant about the appearance and behaviors of others. Before allowing this talent to become a profession, he viewed his talent solely as a means of a hobby. It wasn't until after the events of this story that he truly considers making this a full time, professional venture. The story focuses on an acquaintance of Holmes by the name of Trevor and Trevor's father who has a seemingly dark and twisted past that eventually comes forward to haunt him. 

It has been a long time since I've read any of the Sherlock Holmes stories so I'm slowly reintroducing myself to his world. This wasn't the most exciting story, but I must admit I did have fun attempting to figure out exactly what was going to happen to the father. It didn't seem like the solution was going to be that simple, but I still did enjoy watching the entire thing unfold. I also enjoyed the fact that we are given the opportunity to see Holmes in his younger days as well as his budding friendship with Trevor. Nevertheless, I think I will probably enjoy the stories in which Sherlock is responsible for uncovering the entire story instead of simply rehashing events or occurrences of the past. Overall the writing was great and I'm excited to see where the future stories are going to take myself and the other readers participating in this challenge. 


  1. Enjoyed your review! I agree, this is more of a Holmes backstory than a fully fleshed-out mystery. Thanks for posting!

  2. I gave it the same rating and felt much as you did. I like to see Holmes do more "work" to solve problems.

    1. Exactly! That's why I'm interested in seeing where the next story will take me.