05 January 2017

Sing - Movie Review

Okay guys so like I said this is definitely something new that I'm trying by writing movie reviews; however, I noticed that I watch about as many movies as I read so I wanted to start getting my thoughts out about movies that I have watched. So today I'll be taking a look at the new animated movie Sing

Director: Garth Jennings and Christophe Lourdelet

  • Buster Moon (Koala) : Matthew McConaughey 
  • Rosita (Domestic Pig): Reese Witherspoon
  • Mike (Mouse): Seth MacFarlane 
  • Ash (Porcupine): Scarlett Johansson 
  • Eddie (Sheep): John C. Reilly 
  • Meena (Elephant): Tori Kelly 
  • Johnny (Gorilla): Taron Egerton
  • Gunter (Domestic Pig): Nick Kroll
  • Karen (Iguana): Garth Jennings

Genre: Animated Musical Comedy 

Rating: PG

Brief Plot Analysis: Sing is the story of Buster moon, a koala who owns a theater in the city in which the movie takes place. Due to some financial issues, Buster attempts to come up with a new  show or competition to spike ticket sales. After making the decision to come up with a signing competition, Buster and his assistant Ms. Crawley come up with an advertisement form that goes completely wrong. In this competition there are a variety of different characters who want to use singing as a means to escape their current situation including Meena, a shy but talented elephant; Mike, a street mouse musician; Johnny, a gorilla that is the son of a gang leader; Ash, a punk porcupine; and Rosita, a pig that is the mother of twenty-five piglets. Buster and these main characters run into all different types of issues prior to the premier of the competition and they must all find a way to keep doing what they love to do when obstacles face them. 

Film Features
: The animation of the film was brilliant. I think that they did an amazing job choosing certain actors and actresses to be the voices of these characters especially when it came to the singing parts. They didn't really include a lot of today's popular music in the film, but if you're a big fan of all types of music in general you will enjoy the music selection. I did have some issues with the plot, but I'll get into that in my overall thoughts.

Characters: This was probably the best one of my favorite parts of the entire movie considering the plot didn't do much for me. I like that all the characters were different, but at the same time seemed to compliment each other.

  • Mr. Moon: He was always so ambitious and definitely had big dreams. I think he kept the energy of the movie up because he was always trying to come up with new ideas even when it seemed like all his ideas would not work out. 
  • Rosita: This is one powerful pig. She's married, but she has twenty-five children whom she assumes complete responsibility for because her husband is constantly working. 
  • Mike: All I'm going to say is that Mike is a jerk, but he definitely can sing his behind off and he's so gifted at what he does and I loved seeing him develop as a character. 
  • Meena: Meena was a difficult character for me to appreciate. She was extremely shy; however, I almost felt like she didn't have a reason to by shy so I almost found it quite annoying. She had a beautiful voice (Tori Kelly); however, I just wish she had more confidence and that it didn't take the entire movie for her to find that confidence. 
  • Johnny: He was probably one of my favorite characters! I loved that he was a completely opposite person than what his own father expected. He definitely breaks the mold and he has one of the most beautiful voices out of all the characters. 
So those definitely are not all the characters, but those are the ones that are most memorable in my head and the ones that I most enjoyed. The rest of the characters fell relatively flat and I didn't enjoy them as much as I expected. I think I just expected to like this movie a lot more than I expected. 

Overall Thoughts: Overall, I thought that the movie was just okay. It wasn't as interesting as the trailer attempted to make it appear. I wish the plot was more developed and thought through. It seemed like it was thrown together for the sake of it being put together. To be honest the trailer I think is a little misleading. The humor that you get from the characters in the trailer is not the same humor you get in the actual film. I thoroughly enjoyed the musical aspects of the film, but it did contain a lot of music I think younger viewers wouldn't necessarily be familiar with. The acting was simply ok. I don't know I guess I was extremely excited for this movie and then I was extremely disappointed. I definitely would take children to see this, but I don't think that this movie was necessarily anything to brag about. 


  1. Sorry to hear that the plot didn't work out for you! I really wanted to see this after I saw the trailer, but I'm a bit wary now that you said it was misleading. I'm pretty sure I'll watch it at a local discounted movie theater a couple months from now. Thanks for the review! :)

    1. Of course! It's a cute movie, but it just didn't deliver the way I expected it to. Let me know what you think when you see it!