06 December 2016

Sausage Party - Movie Review

Okay guys so like I said this is definitely something new that I'm trying by writing movie reviews; however, I noticed that I watch about as many movies as I read so I wanted to start getting my thoughts out about movies that I have watched. So today I'll be taking a look at the infamous Sausage Party! I hope you enjoy! : )

Director: Greg Tiernan & Conrad Vernon 

  • Frank Wienerton: Seth Rogen 
  • Brenda Bunson: Kristen Wiig
  • Carl: Jonah Hill 
  • Firewater: Bill Hader 
  • Barry: Michael Cera 
  • Druggie: James Franco 
  • Mr. Grits: Craig Robinson
  • Douche: Nick Kroll
  • Kareem Abdul Lavash: David Krumholtz
  • Sammy Bagel Jr: Edward Norton
  • Teresa del Taco: Selma Hayek 
Genre: Adult Animated Comedy 

Rating: R

Brief Plot Analysis: Sausage Party chronicles the adventure of food items as they seek refuge in the "Great Beyond." To them their ultimate life goal is to be chosen by humans as those same humans grocery shop. The movie itself focuses on the journey of Frank Wienerton and Brenda Bunson as they attempt to figure out what the great beyond really is. In reference to the plot, I must say it was hilarious to watch the characters figure out what exactly happens when they leave the grocery story and enter into the homes of humans. In the fashion of Seth Rogen, the humor of the movie is both underlying and crude and it took a re-watch for me to pick up on everything that was occurring within the plot and between the characters. I will say that if you haven't seen this movie be prepared for a rather inappropriate and crude ending. It is cringe worthy and definitely caused some awkwardness when I watched it with others in the movie theater.

Film Features: The animation of the film was brilliant. If Seth Rogen was aiming for writing a film that imitated Pixar and Disney then he definitely was successfully in that realm. I also think that the overall concept of the film was pretty interesting and I like the adventure aspect of it. This film even included songs just like a typical children's animated film.

Characters: This was probably the best and my favorite aspect of this entire movie. Every food object mimics an ethnicity, race, or specific origin of food. Although it may be seemingly offensive, it really made sense once you paid attention to each one of the characters. Here's a rough list of the characters and origins they may or may not represent:

  • Teriyaki Sauce: Asian
  • Earl Gray Tea: British 
  • Bagel: Jewish 
  • Flat Bread/Pita: Middle Eastern 
  • Mr. Grits: Southern Black Man 
  • Tequila: Hispanic 
  • Potato: Irish 
I'm sure there are a lot more; however, those are the ones that stood out the most to me. Generally, I thought that the characters were funny and entertaining. The only character that seemed to annoy me was Barry. He was sweet, kind, and sincere, but his inability to stand up for himself drove me absolutely crazy. Nevertheless, Barry does accomplish a lot in explaining what really happens to grocery store items after the leave the store. Another character that I strongly disliked would have to be Douche simply because he fit perfectly into the perimeters of his name. He was evil and just couldn't get past the fact that his dream of leaving the grocery store were becoming non-existent. 

Overall Thoughts: Overall, I thought that the movie was just okay. It wasn't anything particularly special as the humor in the movie was extremely crude. I did like the animation style as well as the manner in which they were slightly make fun on Pixar, Disney, and other children animation teams. If
I had to choose a scene that was the most entertaining, it would have to be the time that the characters spent in the "great beyond." It was graphic but hilarious and really illustrated the ignorance and misconceptions of the human world by the grocery story items. The part of the movie that pretty much ruined it for me was the ending scene. It was simply too crude and too over the top and honestly made me feel uncomfortable when I watched the movie in theaters. It didn't make any sense and really ruined what could have been fairly decent film. So overall, I would say the beginning and the end were entertaining; however, they lost me in the end. If you like adult animated themes with a crude sense of humor then you'll probably enjoy this film; however, if you don't enjoy these things then I would steer clear of it. Sidenote: Do no watch this movie with your parents! It will be wayyyy too awkward.

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