15 November 2016

Top 10 Tuesday: Favorite Christmas Movies

It's Tuesday so you know that means another Top 10 Tuesday hosted by the girls over at the Broke and the Bookish. This weeks theme is movie related so that means you can pick any topic related to movies whether that's your favorite movies of all time, favorite actors/actresses, favorite Halloween, favorite drama....ok haha you get the point. With Christmas right around the corner I decided to go with Top 10 Favorite Christmas movies of all time! Yes, I know Thanksgiving hasn't passed yet, but I'm definitely ready for Christmas!! 

Christmas With the Kranks: If you haven't seen this movie it definitely is a must! Imagine how a neighborhood reacts when they find out one of their own is canceling Christmas. 

A Year Without A Santa: Okay I'm not going to lie. A part of me just likes watching this movie for the songs that Heat Miser and Snow Miser sing. I mean it's just classic. 

Home Alone Lost in New York: Okay so this is technically the second Home Alone, but I like it better than the first one because Kevin has to be really creative against the bandits in a house that doesn't belong to him. 

The Polar Express: The cinematography alone makes this movie a classic, but I also love the message behind it. 

The Nightmare Before Christmas: This movie always confused me because technically it can be used for both Halloween and Christmas. Nevertheless, it's a great film and definitely one of Tim Burton's classics. 

Love Actually: The host of British actresses and actors in this film just made me love it even more than the average person. It contains such a great story line that ties so many lives together. If you haven't watched it yet then you definitely need to check it out and soon. 

A Christmas Carol: There are so many versions of this movie and the story in itself is a classic, but this version really appealed to me because of the level of intricacy utilized in the cinematography. If you haven't had the chance to check it out I definitely recommend it.  

The Grinch: Need I say more about this movie? I think pretty much everyone can understand why it's on this list.

A Christmas Story: I mean this one gets played for 24 hours every year how could I not put it on the list.

Jingle All The Way: Hilarious! You will laugh the entire time! And it all centers around a toy. 

What are some of your favorite Christmas movies? Let me know in the comment box below. 


  1. Great list! I love Christmas movies too. I would add Elf and A Charlie Brown Christmas. Those are two we can't miss at our house. :)

    1. I haven't seen A Charlie Brown Christmas in forever!!

  2. Great list! I definitely watch The Year Without Santa Claus for the exact same reason. Such catchy tunes!

    1. Definitely some of my favorite Christmas tunes!