25 October 2016

Top 10 Tuesday: Horror Novels

It's Tuesday so you know that means another Top 10 Tuesday hosted by the girls over at the Broke and the Bookish. This weeks theme is Halloween related so you can choose any topic that fits into that category including scary books, movies, book covers, etc. I chose to go with my top favorite horror novels, comics, & manga!! I hope you guys enjoy. : )

Locke & Key Series: Okay if you haven't read the Locke & Key series by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez you definitely need to check them out. They are the epitome of horror! The artwork is great and the story line is even better.

The Diviners: Only book I've ever read in my lifetime that has giving me legitimate nightmares and made my skin crawl. If you are looking for a beautifully written historical horror book then I would recommend this one for you.

Monster: I just recently read this manga and I can genuinely say that it is AMAZING! I devoured it and finished it in less than a day. If you are looking for a manga that includes horror, suspense, and some thriller elements then I recommend this manga.

Carrie: This is a classic. The book and the movie are amazing and if you haven't read Stephen King yet this is a great place to start.

The Walking Dead: No words are needed to even attempt to describe this article. Whether you are in to TV shows or comic books. This is definitely a must around Halloween time. 

Revival: This is a rather unheard of comic, but it's definitely worth the read. If you like zombies I would suggest picking this one up.

Goosebumps: I mean this is genuinely a classic children's series and really creep considering the age group it's written for. If you haven't read a goosebumps book you definitely should check them out. They are short and quick, yet entertaining reads. 

Wytches: I don't have much to say about this one except that it was the creepiest comic I have read all year. If you haven't read it then you are definitely missing out. 

Dracula: It's a classic and I know a lot of people don't like classics, but trust me when I say that this one is AMAZING. 

The Woods: I binged this whole comic series in a matter of months and now I'm all caught up. If you like mystery, suspense, aliens, and creepy things in general The Woods is the perfect comic to check out. 

What are some creepy books you read during Halloween?! Let me know in the comment box below! : ) 


  1. The Diviners was so much more creepy than I had been prepared for! It's a great book!
    Here's my TTT

  2. Ah, yes, The Diviners is perfectly creepy for Halloween! :) I'm definitely interested in Wytches and the Locke & Key series, so I'll be looking those up. Great list!

    1. Yess definitely let me know what you think of them !

  3. The Diviners has looked intriguing to me for some time. It's good to be warned that it is quite creepy -- I'll be sure to read it with the lights on!

    1. haha definitely go with the lights on effect. I didn't at first, but changed my mind rather quickly.

  4. I would have never guessed The Diviners was scary!

    Goosebumps? Yes. Very, very scary.

  5. So many good ones - Dracula, Goosebumps, The Walking Dead, Carrie! :)

  6. Totally agree about "The Diviners"! Who knew that book was going to be so creepy. But I really enjoyed it. Great list!

    My TTT: http://girlaboutlibrary.blogspot.com/2016/10/five-haunting-books-you-should-read-top.html