05 September 2016

Discussion: Graphic Novels Vs. Comic Books

Okay guys so this is the first time that I've done a discussion post, but I really thought this would be a good topic to discuss on my blog. I've actually already done this as a video on YouTube if you want to check out! Be sure sure to leave your insight on what you think about the difference between graphic novels and comic books.

#1: Structure 
Graphic novels and comic books are both a different type of book that includes pictures; however, a graphic novel is bound up like a book where as a comic book is usually a single issues (20-40 pages) that is stapled together. In a lot instances you can find a lot of issues of a comic book turned collected in book format that is often called a trade paperback. 
#2: Storyline
Graphic novels are stories that contain a beginning, a middle, and an end. The story is written to a certain level of completeness. The reader not only figures out or learns about the characters and setting, but they also get the opportunity to learn about the plot from the rise, to the climax, and finally to the resolution. If an author or publisher decides to produce another addiction in a graphic novel series it too would have a middle, beginning, and end. A comic book is different in the sense that it only provides the reader with a glimpse of the story. There isn't a middle, beginning, and end. A lot of time comic books simply just give you a little bit of information that you continue to gain over the course of many issues. The world building and character development takes a bit longer than what you would typically see in a graphic novel. 

What is the same; however, is that both graphic novels and comic books contain beautiful artwork with their own distinct styles. Below you'll find some of my favorite graphic novels and comics. 

My Favorites: 




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