02 September 2016

August Wrap-Up & Sept. TBR

Okay! So this is my first time doing a wrap-up and tbr on my blog, but I thought I would give it a try so everyone can see what I accomplished this month in terms of my reading goals! Enjoy : )

Books Read In August

Picture Books




Young Adult


Children/Middle Grade


So those are pictures of the things I read this month. Below you find some statistics as well as links to the post I did on my blog this month. 

# of Books Read: 35 
# of Pages: 4335
Average Rating: 3.65 

Some of my favorites that I read this month included: Game of Thrones, What Makes A Baby, This Day in June, Peanut Butter & Cupcake, Saga Vol. 6, Ms. Marvel Vol. 5, & Food Wars. Vol. 11. 

Some of my least favorites that I read this month included: They Were Strong & Good, Bully, EIEIO, & Pictures From Our Vacation. 

Blog Postings: 
This month blog postings were better than the month of July; however, I'm still pushing myself to become more consistent and post at least three times a week. Keep reading to see what I did post this past month. 

Total # of Post: 14 

Looking Forward/September TBR

I usually don't do TBR's because I never stick with what I should be reading; however, this month I have quite a few books I'm doing as buddy reads so these are the books I'm really focusing on finishing this month. I'm sure there will be more in between, but hopefully at the end of the month I can say I have finished these. 


  1. I loved It. Hope you do too! Lots of titles for August though, and the adult ones I would definitely pick up!
    Happy September!

    1. I'm liking it so far. And thank you for checking out this post! : )