09 March 2016

"Dancing with Myself!" -- Interview with Ashley

So today is the first day of the Get Up Offa That Slump Blogging Extravaganza! I'm so excited to be participating in this blogging experience hosted by Rachel at Beauty and the Bookshelf. Check out her announcement post here! Okay so the first challenge blog post is to host an interview with yourself so let's go ahead and get started!

Whats your name?
  • Ashcakes, Ash, Silvera, Baby Girl, Marie, & Silv.

That's a lot of different names! Mom was indecisive eh?
  • No not really. People just seem to love everything but my real name. Haha.

So let's get started with this interview. I'm planning to ask you some wacky questions. You ready?
  • Yea I'm ready! I'm ready! I'm ready! *SpongeBob voice*

What is your favorite flavor of jellybeans?
  • Hmmm, anything that is tropical flavored especially pineapple and mango! 

Reminds of the song "if you like pina colada's and getting caught in the rain..." So what's your favorite Christmas movie? 
  • I love that song! Um I would have to say Christmas with the Kranks. That movie is hilarious. My family and I watch it every year. 

I definitely need to check that out. So something pretty random...tell me 10 things that I'd see when I walk in your door?
  • Hold on let me go look!
Hurry Back!

  • a chair, a painting of Simba, 2 bookshelves stacked with books, shoes, table, scrapbooks, photo book, a huge stuffed elephant, and a Harry Potter bean bag. 
A painting huh? So you paint? 
  • Yea I love to paint. It's my other hobby besides reading. 
That's cool! So back to the bookshelves loaded with books. What are your top 5 favorite books of all time? 
  • Oh that's a hard one! All of the Harry Potter books, Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, Locke & Key graphic novel series, Pride & Prejudice, & Food Wars! manga series.
So you seem to have listed a lot of series. Do you prefer standalones or series? 
  • Hmm I love series! You get to spend more time that world! 
Okay ready for some blitz questions??
  • Most Definitely! 
Favorite Color: Purple 
Favorite Food: Jamaican or Italian 
Birthplace: NY 
Age: 24 
Favorite Store: Any Bookstore! :) 
Favorite Author: J.K. Rowling 
Favorite Artist: It's a tie between Bob Marley, John Mayer, & Michael Jackson. 

Well that's it kiddo! Did you have fun interviewing yourself? 
  • Yea it was weird, but fun!! :) 


  1. Spongebob voice, yesss! Love it! Also, a Simba painting? That is AWESOME. I love how you have so many different names. That happens in my house too, but with our dogs and cats. I swear they get called by their nicknames way more often than their actual names. I don't know that I've had much Jamaican food, but that and Italian sounds YUM. Also, I love the title of this post--"Dancing with myself!" Thanks for joining in!