31 January 2016

Steelheart by Brandon Sanderson

Publication: 2013

# of Pages: 386

Source: Books-A-Million, Purchased Copy

Favorite Quotes:

  • "You can't be so frightened of what might happen that you are unwilling to act."
  • "Where there are villains, there will be heroes. Just wait. They will come." 
  • "You've got a passion to kill but you need to find passion to live." 
  • "Incredible cosmic powers do not equate with high IQ." 

Goodreads Summary/Blurb:

Ten years ago, Calamity came. It was a burst in the sky that gave ordinary men and women extraordinary powers. The awed public started calling them Epics. But Epics are no friend of man. With incredible gifts came the desire to rule. And to rule man you must crush his wills. Nobody fights the Epics...nobody but the Reckoners. A shadowy group of ordinary humans, they spend their lives studying Epics, finding their weaknesses, and then assassinating them. And David wants in. He wants Steelheart--the epic who killed David's father. For years, like the Reckoners, David's been studying and planning---and he has something they need. Not an object, but an experience. He's seen Steelheart bleed, and he wants revenge.

My Review/Thoughts:

Imagine your favorite superhero: Batman, Superman, Spider-man, Ms. Marvel, etc. Okay, have them in mind? Now picture those same characters as evil power hunSteelheart. With the arrival of this object in the sky called Calamity came the Epics. Epics were once normal people who gain extraordinary powers. This particular novel focuses on a high Epic (indestructible) Steelheart who cruelly rules Newcago (formally the city of Chicago). Enter the glorious David Charleston, the main character dedicated to seeing Steeelheart bleed once more. Along with his fellow members of the Reckoners, David sets out to complete his life long dream of murdering one of the most powerful Epics in this world.
gry individuals set on destroying the world and you have the general premise of Brandon Sanderson's

What was truly amazing about this book was it's fast paced nature and it's crazy plot twist. The ending was not something I saw coming in the least bit. There was never a dull moment and I was particularly fond of getting to know all of the history related to the Epics including their abilities and weaknesses. David kept such an extensive coverage of each Epic that it's clear that he was solely dedicated to his mission. In order to fully appreciate this novel one must appreciate it's character development. David Charleston is probably one of the most light-hearted characters I have read about in a while. He as a unique sense of humor, an awful ability to make metaphors, and an impulsive attitude that is often reckless, but usually saves the group from impending danger. It is his personality that adds a lightness to a rather dark setting.

The only issue I had with this novel was the slight insta-love between David and another character. He gets this overwhelming sense of feelings towards her after knowing her for a few weeks. It was rather awkward and cringe worthy at times; however, I think it'll get better as the series continues. So if you like super heroes with a twist, adventure, action, and intrigue I would definitely recommend checking this novel out.

Rating: 5/5


  1. We sadly haven't read anything by Brandon Sanderson yet, but we own the Mistborn trilogy. Anyway, great review, and great blog!