05 October 2015

Spotlight: Mental Illness Readathon

Hey guys reporting to you from the flooded state of South Carolina. I apologize for my absence. Teaching has become rather hectic so I haven't been able to post in the past month. However, this weekend I am hosting a readathon in honor of Wold Mental Health Awareness Day. Here are the details for the readathon. If you are able to please join in! 

Date: Oct 10th 

Time: 12:00 am Oct 10th until 11:59 pm

1. Read a book with a green on the cover. 
2. Read a book that was written by an author with a mental illness. 
3. Read a book that focuses on the issue of mental illness.

**If you have extra time try to watch a movie about mental illness. 

Use the hashtag #WMHReadathon on all social media!!

Announcement Video: