24 June 2015

Entropis: Reality Unravels by Laurie Blake

Publication: 2015

# of Pages: First 3 Chapters

Source: Author (thank you Laurie!)--First chapter can be found here: https://schismseries.wordpress.com/. The chapters are released bi-weekly and the second chapter will be released June 28th. 

Summary: "Schism is an ongoing series of urban fantasy novels set in London about a group of girls who've gained magical powers after dying and are trying to stop reality from tearing itself apart. With no idea how or why it's happening, they venture into Schism--pockets of collapsing reality--to heal them before it's too late!

Combining western Super Hero culture and the "Magical Girl" anime genre with psychological and cosmic horror, the Schism series takes its readers through a fast paced adventure as its heroines are forced to fight for their own survival , along with that of their planet."


My Thoughts/Review:

Fortunately, I was given the opportunity to receive a preview of Entropis: Reality Unravels by Laurie Blake. This new YA novel takes an interesting spin on urban fantasy. A mix between a feel of the Matrix, Inception, and Super Hero culture, the author takes the reader on a journey of redefining the very essence of reality. The main character finds herself caught in a parallel, alternate universe where common objects like household items and, yes, even humans morph and change into seemingly horrific and grotesque creatures.

What was most intriguing about this novel was the concept design. It was extremely refreshing to delve into such an original world. Blake tests the very boundaries of the human psyche, breaking the mold of our traditional perception of reality. What we believe to be true may not really exist. In addition to the introduction of this new world, the reader is given the opportunity to gain insight to the main characters struggles with understanding this new perception of the world. Although a little confusing at times, the reader discovers the world along with the main character feeling her anxiety, nervousness, and curiosity.

In only reading the first three chapters, I was readily intrigued to see how the rest of the story would develop. How does the main character handle the development of these new found powers, how far will the boundaries of reality be pushed, how will these new powers manifest themselves, etc? If you are interested in a new perspective of reality and concept of the super hero be sure to check out this novel. Blake will leave you questioning reality and your very existence.

Rating: 4/5


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